A Brief History of Consumer Electronics

October 17, 2021 , Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics or computer electronics are electronic devices intended for daily usage, usually at home. Consumer electronics consist of many devices used for communication, entertainment and recreation. In most cases called consumer electronics due to the fact that most products being sold in black or gray casings are also housed in dark or black boxes.

The birth of the Information Age and the modern home theater system can be traced back to the nineteenth century. Industrialists around the world were interested in manufacturing electronics for use in their new factories. When television first started to be mass produced, it was based on an electrical device. It was a success because many people wanted a television that did not have to be plugged into an electrical outlet during use. Soon after, other electronic items such as radios and telephones were created as well.

Today the consumer electronics industry continues to grow every year with more innovative and creative technologies being introduced to the market by the minute. Advances in digital television, video games, personal computers, laptops, digital camera devices, and wireless internet access have made the consumer electronics market one of the largest markets in the world. Because technology changes so quickly and drastically, many companies find themselves in need of rapid prototyping and design companies to meet deadlines. Companies that are involved in the production and development of consumer electronics face many challenges, but they are necessary for the continual evolution of the consumer electronics market.