Going for a loan often is the first thought that goes through the head of those who need a quick sum of money. And, of course, this also happens with the Federal Public Servants (SIAPE).

To make that decision and resort to a credit, therefore, it is important to know the products available in the market. After all, there are several types and all with different advantages and indicated more for one case than for the other and so it is interesting to research before.

However, the Federal Public Servants are part of a group of people who are entitled to the payroll loan. And this type of credit can offer several advantages to those who hire you .

So along this content you, who are part of the Federal Public Servants group, will know a little more about the types of credits available. In addition, you will be able to compare the advantages and disadvantages of personal loan.

Personal Loan

Personal loan is the common credit, offered every day by banks and financiers. It can be used for any purpose and aid in the discharge, mainly, of emergency expenses.

Anyone can take out a personal loan, as long as the loan is approved. For this, the customer’s history is analyzed and, if not negative, in this case, it is fundamental and adopted as one of the main criteria .

One of the most common personal credits for SIAPE is payroll deductible credit , the mode in which installments are discounted from the paycheck monthly.

But, unlike conventional credit, it is linked to monthly income and therefore does not consider the analysis to SPC or Serasa. And so even the Federal Public Servants who are denied can hire that credit.

The prerequisite is to have available consignable margins . The margin is the total monthly income that can be used with loans where payments are automatic.

This measure guarantees non-indebtedness, allowing access to credit within a healthy limit considered by economists.

Therefore, among the available credits for the Federal Public Servants there are the consigned and not consigned.

Paycheck-off personal loan x uncollected personal loan

Paycheck-off personal loan x uncollected personal loan

The consigned loan for SIAPE brings some specific rules, established by law . But, in return some benefits when compared to other lines of credit.

Among the most common types of personal credit are: credit card, credit cards, overdraft.

It is possible to make use of more than one type of credit at the same time, although it is not recommended to maintain financial balance and avoid over-indebtedness.

Learn more about the key differences.

Form of payment

The personal loan is taken out like any other installment debt. Every month the customer is responsible for the payment of a monthly fee, which can vary according to the interest applied, through automatic debit, bank slip or check.

In addition, by paying a monthly fee after the due date, the customer is also required to pay interest and penalties for the delay. And this happens every time a portion delays.

In the paycheck loan, this does not happen. The main difference between the two credit models is precisely the form of payment .

With paycheck credit, the customer does not have the responsibility to pay any monthly fee via ticket. All payments are made automatically.

It works as follows: the paying agency already discounts the monthly loan amount before the payment is released.

In the case of Federal Public Servants who are responsible for the monthly discounts are the Federal Government agencies. This must have an agreement signed with the bank so that the payments are carried out regularly, after the agreement is registered .

That is, the installments of the payroll loan are fixed payment. Consequently, there is no charge for extra interest, fines or any other type of additional requirement. Just as there is no default on the part of the borrower (except in case of negative margin).

And it is precisely because there is no default that this operation is considered low risk. And, by the guarantee of the payment, which is automatic, therefore, the consigned loan can offer lower interest rates.

Interest Rates

Interest Rates

Personal loan interest rates can be stipulated by each financial institution. Although there is competition between banks and financiers, interest rates are close to 126% a year .

However, the payroll loan has legally limited interest rates. Even with competition among financial institutions, nominal interest rates may not exceed 2.05% per month for Federal Public Servants. That is, about 25% per year.

What changes from one bank to another are the other fees and costs, which directly affects the Total Cost Effective (CET) which is the total cost of a loan or financial transaction.

The CET is the total value of the contract, which divided by the payment term gives the value of the monthly installment. Thus, the higher the value of CET, the greater the value of the contract and installments. On the other hand, the smaller the CET, the smaller the tends to be the value of the paid installments.

Another factor that can help reduce the value of installments is to extend the contract payment term. That is, to pay off the debt more often, as is allowed in the case of the payroll loan.

Deadlines for payment

The deadline for paying unsecured personal loans is usually up to 48 months. The limit may vary according to the customer’s history and this condition will also determine the amount borrowed or credit limit.

In the payroll loan, the Federal Public Servants can contract a loan with payment term between 12 and 96 months. Thus, it is possible to have up to 8 years to withdraw the contract.

However, it should be noted that in the payroll loan, in addition to the amount borrowed, the age of the client influences the payment term, as well as the assignable margin. The agreement signed between the employer and the bank can also affect the number of installments.

Prerequisites for hiring

The personal loan can be requested by anyone over the age of 18. In addition, you must have a checking account at any bank. Still, it is necessary to prove sufficient income to pay the installments of credit.

As it has been said, not being negative is quite important to hire a personal loan. However, some financial institutions accept customers in this situation. However, the interest rate charged is quite high because of the risk of the transaction.

On the other hand, the payroll loan is granted only to Federal, State and Municipal Public Servants, active or inactive. Also the INSS Retirees and Pensioners are entitled, as well as the Armed Forces Military. Some private sector workers can also get credit.

This rule limits that the loan be offered only to those who have fixed and guaranteed income . This happens because of the monthly payments, which are automatically discounted.

In payroll-deductible loans there is no consultation with SPC or Serasa . That is, the loan can be taken quietly by those who are negative. The bank’s guarantee, in such cases, is availability of available margin and direct payment.

Every person within the eligible categories can spend only 35% of their net pay with paycheck credit . Of this amount, 30% is intended for loans and the other 5% can be used with a paycheck credit card .

The Federal Public Servants that are left without assignable margin have two exits. One can request credit portability or refinance existing loans.

How to hire the Consigned Loan?

How to hire the Consigned Loan for Federal Public Servants?

Federal Public Servants can easily and without bureaucracy contract a consignment loan . The main documents requested are RG, CPF, proof of residence (in the name of the holder) and an updated proof of payment .

In addition, the SIAPE payroll loan requires a document called Consignee Authorization . This authorization is issued via SIGEPE and allows discounts on monthly credit payments to be made.

The first step in finding the most interesting payday loan is to conduct a credit simulation online . That way, it is possible to compare the best offers offered by several banks, at a single time .

From the simulation and once the bank of your choice is defined, the Servers can contract the credit online.

The payroll loan for Federal Public Servants is released within a few days, on the account indicated and on behalf of the Server.

Now you know the different types of loans for SIAPE and know the advantages of payroll loans.

Do you need money and do not want to face bureaucracies? Start a payday loan simulation online now and get the money you want today without leaving home!