Have you ever come across the situation in which you went to look for sources of loan online, but was left with doubt whether it was really reliable or not? Should one “risk” a loan over the internet or if it was better to go to a bank?

The online loan is a modality that has been growing over the years in Brazil, and what attracts the Brazilian to this type of financing is the low rate of interest and the practicality of not having to leave the comfort of your home.

But after all, is online loan really safe? Yes and stay calm as we separate some valuable tips for you to carry out your loan safely and not end up falling in a scam.

Tips for not falling in a scam when performing your loan online

  • Make sure the company is trusted

    Make sure the company is trusted


Confirm that the CNPJ is active. You can easily see this on the IRS website. Also see if it is authorized by the Central Bank and if you have complaints on the Reclame Aqui website.

Just as the company will check your credit history, do the same about it. This is the first step not to fall into a blow.

  • No advance payment

If any advance payment is requested before the loan is made, it is an insurance fee or something similar, not accepted. This is featured stroke!

  • Is the site secure?

In some cases, a loan can be offered using the name of a reputed financial institution or a site with the same appearance as a trustworthy institution can be created.

To verify that the site is legitimate, use the Chrome browser or Firefox, both have a security symbol, a padlock next to the URL, which shows whether the site is trusted or not.

SSL certification is also a way to verify this, this is a global standard of security technology and it will be in the footer of the homepage.

  • Every business wants to know information about your credit history

    Every business wants to know information about your credit history

For the company to lend any amount, it needs to know some information about you, because it is this information that will be decisive for it to decide if you have a reliable profile and if you will honor your debts on the date of payment.

So do not be alarmed if information such as your income, your credit history, and even a collateral such as a real estate or a vehicle is asked for, as this is the way the company can guard against debt repayment.

  • Can they ask for access to your bank account?

    Can they ask for access to your bank account?

Yes, some companies ask, but it’s just the access code, so they can check your financial transactions and in some cases they offer more attractive rates according to the good payer history you have, though they will not ask you the password to perform transactions.

Trusted Companies

In addition to our tips, we will make available a list of trusted sites to make the loan online.

  • Geru, with interest rates starting at 1.88 a month;
  • Credits, fees starting at 1.15% per month;
  • Simplic, from 15.80% per month;
  • Lendico, 2.97% per month;
  • Just, 1.9% per month;

These are just a few reliable financial institutions, but there are others that may have more attractive rates for you. Follow our tips to avoid scams and choose the one that will attract you the most.