Is getting an online loan really safe?

The online loan always comes with the classic promise of being an easy, quick and almost bureaucratic way of getting you money, which has been drawing more and more attention to people who really need money more urgently.

After all, you simply search the internet to find the most diverse loan options and models online, each one more seductive than the other. However, all this incredible practicality always has to go hand in hand with security. And it is not only the responsibility of financial agencies to prevent you from being beaten. You should be aware and must have healthy habits when surfing the internet.

What is in fact an online loan

The online loan is a form of loan that is offered by financial agencies online, without any connection with the physical agencies. This, without a doubt, is one of the most practical ways to quickly get a loan in the comfort of your home, since you do not have to move to make your request.

The most common types of loans that are offered on the online platforms are personal loans and credit cards, but you may also be able to find other loan lines like payroll, and even some financing.

A loan made online will work the same way as a traditional loan. You will have to get in touch directly with the financial agency that is offering the service by the website, fill in all your data, make a simulation with the amount of money you need, and then have to wait for the agency’s response.

The evaluation of your registration, as well as the approval, is always done very quickly and practically, without excessive bureaucracy, which is a very practical tool for those who are in need of money with some urgency. Once you have your credit approved, the money will be transferred to your account very quickly.

How an Online Loan Works

 How an Online Loan Works

Well, for starters, you need to be over 18, have an active checking account, individual bank, and also need a proof of residence to be able to do the entire procedure of applying for the loan.

All your loan application will be made exclusively on the agency’s website, where you can also do a small simulation of your loan, which is really useful when choosing what is the best way to pay your new debt.

Once you have submitted your data and your documents, the bank or the chosen financial agency will take some time to do your credit analysis before deciding whether or not to approve your application for an online loan.

To carry out this analysis, some information is used to be able to give a specific credit note to each individual, which will indicate to the agency the risk of default that they run with you.

Having this score as the basis, the credit will or will not be approved, and also this score will be used to stipulate your interest rate. A good way to analyze your credit score is to check the Serasa Score, however, some of the agencies will formulate their own score.

Is online loan really fast and secure?

 Is online loan really fast and secure?

In Brazil the demand for loans made online is constantly increasing, all due to the speed and also the ease that this online service offers. Having access to a computer or a smartphone will enable you to make your loan application without having to leave the house or deal with those long queues banks always have.

However, not all places that offer online loan are really trustworthy. In fact many are just facades for scams that may end up putting you down financially speaking. In order for you to ensure that the chosen agency is not willing to take a coup, it is important to ensure the true credibility of that financial institution. For this you need:

  • Consult the company’s CNPJ. The CNPJ serves as the company’s CPF. It is the record that will certify the company’s existence before the Brazilian government. This will determine whether it is regulated in compliance with the law or not. To check, you just have to make a quick consultation directly on the IRS website.
  • Check if the site has a security certificate. Most commonly used browsers such as Chrome or Firefox often provide a small security token in the URL box, which is represented as a lock. The most secure sites also offer an SSL seal, which is a globalized security technology standard, often appearing in the footer of the site’s home page.
  • Look for reviews of other clients who have applied for loans in the company. This is undoubtedly a great indicator of site quality. You can find reviews on sites like Reclame Aqui and also on the social network pages of the financial agency. Using the criticism of others as a basis you will be able to have a good idea if the company really is trustworthy.
  • Find out about the agency. Always look for as much information as possible when choosing the agency where you will apply for your loan online. There are several institutions that are serious and extremely safe, but there are also those who just want to take advantage of their urgency to get some extra money.

Differently from the traditional banks, which usually require one of the requirements for the loan to be opened, the general loan process will be much more time-consuming. money directly into the applicant’s checking account.

Now you know how to identify a fraud and you can have more security when applying for your loan online. Just always remember to plan your loan well so as not to end up getting a huge headache when dealing with the installments of your loan.