Elisabet has worked as a drug chemist for many years and now runs her own company in the life science industry, IsoSep AB, which sells biologically active carbohydrates for medical research. She also has a small design and interior design company, NordOstDesign, where she enjoys working with creative creation.

As a self-employed I understand the need for different loan opportunities and how good crowdlending is as a concept. I went in and read Good Finance’s website and liked what I saw. The site is easy to understand and transparent, and setting up an account was easy. I tried to bid on a couple of different companies, it worked as it should, and over time I have increased the number of investments.

“Looking for investment options that can yield a decent return”


Elizabeth heard about Good Finance a couple of years ago by sheer coincidence in a coffee room conversation. She had been looking for investment options that could yield a decent return, and crowdlending became an investment form that appealed to her.

My approach to investing is that you should spread your risks. I am not afraid of risk taking, but do not want to invest much in one thing. I have investments in different types of projects and companies, and with different time horizons. In crowdlending I want to invest in only 1-3 years, so Good Finance fits me well in that aspect.

“It’s fun to place a bid and see what happens.”


I read about the company and I like the concept and believe in the product so I place a bid. I have no large sums invested, but instead loans to several different companies. It is very good that the rules are the same regardless of the loan amount, and that there are no fees.

It’s fun to place a bid and see what happens. Sometimes the bidding goes out, but sometimes the interest rate ends at quite high amounts.

So far, interest rates have been paid according to plan

So far, interest rates have been paid according to plan

And it is easy to both deposit and withdraw money from my Good Finance account. It is also nice to see that no extra fees are charged.

Elizabeth chooses to bid on loans to companies that feel sympathetic and sufficiently secure. Before you bid as a lender, you can read through the company’s presentation and what risk class the company was assigned after the check.

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